For a long time, I had difficulties separating calls and agendas. In one project I would have:

  • Call Jim about stuff.


while, in another project I might have:

  • Call Jim about other stuff.


A problem becomes apparent when I assign a start date to one of these tasks. I see the call task, but then not the other. I may forget to mention the other item as it is not appearing on the radar. Even if I do remember the other task, I would have to sift through the “Calls” list for Jim’s name to make sure I said everything. This is hardly efficient.

An “Agenda : Jim” context is better, but still not great. It’s still a context in the similar vein of “Calls”. If one agenda item is dated and another is not, it is still lost in the midst of other tasks. I can open the side bar, select the “Agenda : Jim” context to see if there is anything else. But this is not that efficient, either.

The solution is one of those that took a while to stumble upon, but is rather a simple combination of the two:

  • List all items which are to be discussed or otherwise with an Agenda context. They are agenda items after all.
  • Keep “Call Jim” as a separate task with a Calls context. This task can then receive a start date, flag or whatever marker.
  • To smooth the process, go to the context “Agenda : Jim”, «Control-click» (Updated: Thanks, Lee!) and select “Copy as Link” and paste the link in the notes field of the call task.



Now, when the call task appears, I can select that link and have a list gathered from all projects of all the discussable tasks: