Saving Directly to DEVONthink’s Inbox

When writing, I like to use my own preferred writing apps. For example, I often use iA Writer when I am exploring ideas and taking notes.  It has a clean environment that works for me. 

However, I like to use DEVONthink for gathering my notes.  While I could save the file and then drag it to the DEVONthink Sorter, this makes for extra steps.  Also, once I find it in DEVONthink, I sometimes have to delete the escape character, “\” which shows up all over.  While it’s a simple search and replace, it’s still an extra step that I don’t need.

Instead, I can save directly to DEVONthink’s Global Inbox. That way, I can write using my text editor of choice while still saving directly to DEVONthink.

To set it up, you can install DEVONthink’s “Global Inbox in Save Dialogues” feature:

  • Go to Menu > DEVONthink > Install Add-ons…

Mine is already installed, but you can see where to mark the check box to install it.

When it’s installed, you can see the DEVONthink Inbox in the Finder and in the save dialog:

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