Creating Flow with OmniFocus helps you build your day to do the things you want to do with a clear mind.


Learn to easily guide your work, play, and productivity throughout the days, weeks, and years using the strength of OmniFocus, the most powerful task management system made. Creating Flow with OmniFocus guides you from the basics to the most advanced uses one step at a time.


“A fantastic e-book about OmniFocus that I really can recommend.”

– Merlin Mann, Back to Work Podcast

“By far the greatest tutorial on a piece of productivity software that I have ever laid eyes on.”

– Chris Smith, LifeHack

“a comprehensive insight … Beautifully written … a fantastic investment”

– Paul McGovern, Everything 42

“Highly recommended, even for advanced users.”

– Cesare Tagliaferri, Osomac

“A really great piece of work.”

– A. Aiello, reader

  • Grasp basic through advanced concepts of OmniFocus through real examples, unlike a manual.
  • Learn how to build a trusted system and get things off your mind.
  • Learn to take control of OmniFocus at a much deeper level by mastering perspectives.
  • Learn to build custom perspectives that work for you.
  • Use the strength of OmniFocus to get through daily responsibilities to get to the things you want to do.
  • Build a core system to manage responsibilities and tasks easily.
  • Gain mastery and integrate maintenance tasks, new tasks of the day, as well as larger projects. The systematized and organized method frees the capacity to think creatively and more freely on a task at hand.
  • Have daily tasks and year long projects rest easily side by side. Be able to advance feeling both in control and motivated.
  • Discover several solutions for procrastination and scattered or bogged-down states of mind.
  • 540+ pages (eBook)
  • 550+ screenshots, images, and graphs (eBook)
  • Nearly 10 hours of listening material (Audiobook)
  • many many examples and tutorials